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Becoming the World’s Greenest City

April 6, 2013

Vancouver 2020 // A Bright Green Future is a plan designed to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world by 2020. It is a fantastic action plan outlining long-term goals and the necessary actions to achieve those goals– from clean water, air and food, to access to green space, to leading the construction and design industry in green building. The executive summary states that “Vancouverites want to live in a city that is vibrant, affordable and sustainable,” but don’t we all? I love this excerpt from the report:

Why green? Because in the highly competitive, highly mobile modern world, the elements that make a community healthy also make it wealthy. Functionally, a compact, efficient city with a well-organized transportation system and a light environmental footprint is cheaper to run and easier to maintain. The bright, creative people who are the key to conceiving and expanding a globally competitive economy also gravitate to the most desirable – most livable – cities.


I highly suggest reading the whole report, but for some of the highlights, check out this cartoon-esque explanation of what makes a good, green city:

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