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Let’s Talk About Softwalks

January 8, 2013

Our cities have begun transforming the function of public spaces. From lawn chairs in Times Square to parklets and pop-up shops sprouting up in cities all over the world, urban life seems to moving away from the automobile and towards the pedestrian. One of the latest proposals to transform public space comes from Howard Chambers and Bland Hoke of Softwalks, a design studio in New York. They propose placemaking, using the city’s seemingly endless amount of construction scaffolding on the streets as the framework.

Sidewalks all over New York would be transformed into a type of pop-up park with the Softwalks kit which includes planters, chairs, counters, light reflectors and a screen. They are currently in the final days of their Kickstarter campaign, so if you like this idea, head on over to their Kickstarter page and support the project!

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