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Climate change: the good news

November 13, 2012

Over the past few weeks in Boston, we’ve had an earthquake, felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy, experienced our first snow, and enjoyed a 63 degree, sunny day. Some might attribute it to the inherent craziness that is New England weather. But more and more of us are looking at indicators of climate change, such as the magnitude of storms like Sandy, frequency of droughts, and many other micro-level shifts in ecosystems worldwide, and thinking “this is a result of human activity.” A recent study from Yale University and George Mason University indicates that now, more than ever before, we think humans, as opposed to natural changes, are causing climate change. Check out this infographic from GOOD magazine which has a nice summary of what we thought in 2008 and how that thinking has shifted in 2012 (see the large version here).

Today, according to the study, 68% of people believe climate change is a threat to future generations, and that actually is good news. The more we understand our role as stewards of the environment, the more likely we are to embrace resilient, ecological design.

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