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Seattle-based furniture designer Andy Whitcomb

September 5, 2012

I just came across the work of Andy Whitcomb and am so impressed by his furniture designs and creative incorporation of reclaimed and salvage materials. He creates custom pieces for clients in Seattle and LA, and they are truly beautiful. Most of Andy’s designs use local, reclaimed wood; many also use salvaged metal including found casters, industrial pallet racks, and even a pulley system from a tractor. Some of Andy’s recent work is below but also be sure to check out his website.

Andy also collaborates with Forest Eckley to design furniture for their company Brackish. I love this garment rack:

Knowing the history behind some of the materials also adds interest to some of the pieces. For example, the wood used to build the bookcase below was originally part of a 200-foot conveyor belt salvaged from a factory in Oregon, and you can still see the marks and stains from its original use.

In a time when IKEA and other furniture giants won’t reveal where their wood comes from, it’s really cool that furniture designers like Andy Whitcomb are making the design process so transparent, and using local materials to create enduring, handcrafted pieces. Thanks Andy!

all photos via Andy Whitcomb

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