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Cook + Fox: biophilia and beekeeping

August 23, 2012

Cook + Fox Architects, a firm that integrates the principles of biophilia into its projects, walked the walk when they designed their office space at 641 Avenue of the Americas in New York. Biophilia is the idea that there is an innate bond between people and nature and that the built environment should connect with the natural world. In accordance with these ideas, Cook + Fox have incorporated a number of sustainable features and connections to the outdoors into the design of their space, including a 3,600 sf modular green roof.

Love the view from their offices:

photo Bilyana Dimitrova

The coolest addition to their roof though is the apiary. Check out these facts about their bees (did you know beekeeping in NYC was only legalized in March of 2010?!)

Here, Luca Baraldo, Heidi Theunissen, and Tomoko Akiba from Cook + Fox harvest the honey from their 60,000 bees.

And snacks are served!

Check out more about the green roof and the office’s green features.

all photos via Cook + Fox

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