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Chadhaus: Seattle-based furniture designers

August 16, 2012

One thing I greatly admire about the husband and wife team behind Chadhaus is their belief that furniture should be hand-built and enduring.

Chadhaus is a company founded on the notion that things can still be hand-built and made to last, right here in the USA…Our pieces combine utility, fine craftsmanship, and beautiful materials to create modern heirlooms – objects that are classic, durable, and designed to age with grace.

Too often we furnish homes with temporary furniture that ends up in landfills. One of the most powerful ways we can live more sustainably is to invest in products built from materials in our local communities. For Chad and Emily Robertson, that’s the Pacific Northwest. Most of their materials come from small local suppliers in Washington and Oregon, salvaged felled trees from the Seattle area, and local recycling and salvage centers. Their workshop, in downtown Seattle, is where the whole design process occurs from early sketches to building each individual piece.

Here are some of their custom pieces (check out their store, t00):

Beautiful work.

all images via Chadhaus

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