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Villa Welpeloo in the Netherlands Exemplifies “Recyclicity”

August 9, 2012

Villa Welpeloo in the Netherlands was designed by 2012Architecten around a concept they’ve dubbed Recyclicity. This concept refers to “the transformation of wasted materials, components and elements into a new purpose, giving it a secondary not pre-purposed life.” Think cradle-to-cradle but on a local scale. The architects believe that design should be part of a continuous cycle of creation and then re-creation, rather than a linear process, and that their designs should incorporate pretty much all recycled, reused materials. One of their projects that exemplifies this philosophy is the Villa Welpeloo.

The structure is built from steel, which was sourced from a large machine in a local textile factory. The architects also found a factory that produced cable reels, many of which were discarded from damage, but the interiors of the reels contained wood that was free of damage and of a standard size. They used these pieces from 1,000 cable reels to clad the house.

The floors and the roof were made from discarded floor boards, also found locally. Inside the house, bathroom walls are made from compressed coffee cups, with recycled shelving in the living room.

The clients had amassed an important art collection, and to highlight the work, Studio En-Fer developed armatures from the stretchers of broken umbrellas. I love this, you always see so many strewn umbrellas cast off after a windy rainstorm, and what better use than this?

Brilliant. It’s a cool design for a house, but I really like the concept of Recyclicity and trying to cut down on emissions not only by using waste materials, but by sourcing them as locally as possible to reduce transportation emissions as well.

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