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BuzziSpace: “Designers Determine the Waste of the Future”

June 13, 2012

I normally don’t rave about acoustic solutions, but BuzziSpace is a really cool company and I love their sustainable design philosophy and practices. The Belgian-based company creates materials and products that are suitable for both the workplace and home, but are probably most often used in office spaces. Some of their products include the BuzziZone, a tackable partition wall and the BuzziSwitch Brick Back, a self adhesive screen that is customizable based on colors and size you want.

I also really like the BuzziLight, designed with felt strips around steel (the felt, BuzziFelt, is made from 100% recycled PET waste). I’m not totally sure how much sound these would mitigate in a restaurant space, but they look really cool!

The thing I like most about the company though, is their design philosophy. Sas Adriaenssens, designer at BuzziSpace said in an interview, “designers determine the waste of the future” which is a really powerful statement about the potential in design and innovation. And I love the response to the role of ecodesign in business management:

“Ecology is not only essential in the design phase, but in all segments of our company. Logistically we make sure that all products have flat packaging, we don’t transport air. We are constantly considering whether it is ecologically justified to carry out certain projects in other countries, and we see what can be done on location as much as possible. With every step we make as a company, and with every product we manufacture, we ensure the pillars of our corporate philosophy have been met: ecology, acoustics and flexibility.”

BuzziSpace follows the cradle-to-cradle design philosophy and seem to really understand how to embrace ecological design as a company. I love it! Check out more about their sustainability efforts here.

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