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Trek to Rome Point, Rhode Island

January 23, 2012

This weekend I joined up with a local ocean ecology group and headed south to Rhode Island to visit the seals that gather in Narragansett bay. The best time to visit is mid-winter, in February or March, but don’t let that deter you, it’s actually a pretty quick and nice walk through the woods of the John Chafee nature preserve.

After a quick walk through the woods, you reach the water.

The contrast of the snow and the shells on the beach was really quite beautiful.

When we got to the tip of rome point, you could see the seals out on rocks in the distance but they were slightly difficult to make out. Luckily, an ecologist with the nature preserve was there with an incredible telescope and binoculars so we could watch them haul out on the rocks.

Some of them were playful, some just lounged, some were booted off the rocks by the more assertive and older of the bunch.

If you live in the Boston or Providence area, I highly recommend going out to rome point to see the seals this winter. The ecologist we met said there can be up to 100+ seals hauled out on the rocks at one time. Amazing!

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