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January 13, 2012

The newest product to come out of Fringe, a collaborate workspace in Somerville, is the cuppow. For those of you that may already drink from canning jars, you know that it can sometimes be tricky to drink from the ridged glass edge if you’re on the go. The cuppow is a fitting solution.

The product is a plastic lid designed specifically for mason jars, which sandwiches between the glass rim and screw on cap to provide a leak proof and travel ready drinking jar.

via prolly is not probably

The design, developed by Aaron Panone and Joshua Resnikoff, grew out of a collaboration of creatives and designers who all work at Fringe. Housed under one roof are 13 small businesses and art studios that produce letterpress printing, web design and branding, custom bicycle design and manufacturing, photography, video, architecture, industrial design and product development, electrical and mechanical engineering, and green roofing. So when Panone and Resnikoff were looking for Cuppow packaging, and website design, they didn’t have to look very far.

I love the cuppow idea and am excited what other products can come out of creative collaborations at Fringe!

img via aarn_wrks_dsn

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