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Palau Leads with Solar Array

December 27, 2011

Some of the smallest island nations are taking the biggest steps in sustainability. The Maldives has taken many actions to draw global attention to climate change including underwater meetingsprotecting the surrounding waters for shark habitat and committing to carbon neutrality in the near future.

Now Palau, another small island nation that lies east of the Philippines is leading the way with solar power. The Palau International Airport has just installed a solar array (226.8kW) on top of shading structures in the parking lot.

photo via Kyocera

The cells, designed and implemented by Kyocera and Wakachiku Construction, have been reinforced for wind resistance due to the large number of typhoons that hit the islands every year. The system is expected to produce an annual power output of 250MWh, which is equivalent to off-setting about 80 tons of CO2 per year.

Even though this isn’t a huge solar array in the global context, it is a big statement and here’s hoping that other nations will follow suit with renewables.


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