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The portable, pop-up Muvbox

December 11, 2011

Shipping containers have been used as architecture for awhile, and the pop-up restaurant / retail / event space idea is pretty well accepted in many cities. But the concept seems to be evolving into movable, completely self-sufficient spaces, as is the case with the Muvbox.

The original Muvbox, created by Daniel Noiseux is a portable shipping container based in the Old Port of Montreal that serves bistro style food and specializes in lobster. Other versions of the Muvbox have since been popping up in places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Times Square.

The New York SnackBox (photo © Cesar Nicolescu)

So what’s so unique about it? One cool feature are the rooftop solar panels that provide power for the lighting and opening and closing procedures (they are currently developing model that will be able to run entirely off the grid). The Muvbox that popped up in New York, called SnackBox, has fresh and grey water supply tanks, and heat recovery from the generator to warm the interior space. The other interesting feature is the automated opening and closing of the unit. Watch this video to see how it goes from a closed shipping container to a working restaurant within minutes:

Pretty cool. I like the fact that it’s designed for things to tuck away or fold up/down easily to be as customizable and flexible as possible.

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