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Recycler Robot Sorts Waste

May 2, 2011

A Finnish company, ZenRobotics, has recently been testing what could be a breakthrough in recycling: a robot that sorts materials. The so-called Recycler is basically an arm that hangs above a conveyor belt. As the waste materials flow through the conveyor, the robot is able to sense what is metal, wood, stone, brick, plaster board etc and salvage those items. In its tests so far, Recycler has been adept at picking out construction and demolition waste. Considering the fact that much construction waste can contain hazardous materials, it seems much better to have an AI system that can handle the sorting instead of a human.

In addition to the environmental benefits, ZenRobotics sees an economic benefit as well. They hope to reduce landfill tipping fees, increase profit earned from recyclable materials and lower the cost of operating and maintaining landfill facilities.

The company claims that 99% of everything we consume is thrown away within 6 months. We put so much time, money and effort into creating products, it seems like a great time to think about how to be less wasteful.

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