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Feast Mass funds good ideas

November 14, 2010

Feast Mass is a Boston-based organization that hosts dinners around the city to raise money for projects that are art or community based. Here’s how it works: if you have an idea for a project, you submit a proposal and during one of the scheduled suppers you present the idea and all the attendees vote to decide which of the projects will receive grant money. The money comes from ticket sales to the locally-sourced dinner, which start at $10. Proposals are usually for projects relatively small in scope and budget as the grantees usually receive less than $1,000 but perhaps in the future the dinners will grow as will donations.

Feast was originally started in Brooklyn and has given grants to a wide range of ideas — check them out here. They awarded $600 to the Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop farm that grows produce to sell to the local community.

The Brooklyn Grange. Seeds for the rooftop farm were funded in part by a grant from Feast Brooklyn. Photo by Cyrus Dowlatshahi

There are a host of other interesting projects; Feast Brooklyn provided funding to tile the showers at a public pool facility. The project aimed to reduce the city’s cost of painting and cleaning the mold out of the frequently used shower stalls.

In Boston, they just hosted a Feast Mass at a new coffee shop, Voltage Coffee & Art. The next one will be in early 2011; if you want to find out where it will be held, sign up to join their email list here.

A locally-sourced Feast Mass dinner held in Boston. Photo by Anna Schindelar

Check out some of the recent proposals for ideas within the greater Boston community.

I love the idea of Feast; I think it’s an inspired idea that we can support each other in our ideas to enliven and enrich our own communities.

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