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Urban gardens

October 5, 2010

The back garden project, which I have been tracking on here over the past few months has come to an end for now, and as summer seeps into fall, I’ve started thinking about urban gardens. I know, wrong time of year. I should probably be thinking about them come spring when I can actually plant and allow the sunlight and warm weather do its work. But alas, I am thinking about them now. I recently moved into a new apartment and have a small patio space which I have been watching and thinking about for the past month. I’ve been keeping my eye out as I stroll around the city for ideas on how to best use the space and what other people have done about growing an urban garden.

I was inspired recently by this unfortunately named “crack garden” in San Francisco. I love how the design changes a concrete slab into a pervious surface. The homeowners could have easily chosen to put planters on top, but that would have required more irrigation and I think this is an interesting option.

Photo by Tom Fox

Here are several more photographs and urban gardens that have inspired me — enjoy!

flickr/. SantiMB .

flickr/ diamond geezer

flickr/ lulu vision

flickr/ eva_ben

Each of these just reminds me that you can grow plants and create a little garden space almost anywhere whether big, small, in public, in private, to share, or to enjoy alone. It seems like urban life would be a lot better if more people invested a little bit of time to create a garden. In fact, it has been proven that neighborhoods and streets with trees or flowers are more attractive to homeowners and generally sell at a higher cost than their not-as-lush neighbor.

Today I put out a mum on my little patio and it has already made living in the city on dreary days like today just that much better.

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