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Designer CFLs

September 15, 2010

flickr/Duane Storey

I know that replacing my energy-eating incandescent bulb with a compact florescent is absolutely the right thing to do; it is more efficient and saves energy, which reduces fossil fuel consumption which in turn is all better for the environment. But sometimes it’s hard to make the switch because…well, they are ugly. The typical twisty CFL bulbs just aren’t that attractive to me, even when hidden beneath a lampshade.

I just saw Plumen bulbs, which changed my mind. Marketed as the “designer energy saving light bulb” they are designed to be exposed.  The Plumen 001 uses 80% less energy than the incandescent bulb and lasts up to 8 times longer. I’d say this is the major selling point, but they’re not too bad to look at either. What do you think? Will the designer label and new shape help more people make the switch from incandescent to CFL?

photos via Plumen

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