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If it happened in your neighborhood…

August 23, 2010

Some of the world’s environmental disasters sound awful and widespread, but it’s hard to truly imagine their scope and impact when they happen so far away. We know the gulf oil spill affected a large area on the Gulf coast, but exactly how large? Well, in the context of Boston it would spread from Providence out to Worcester up into New Hampshire and out to sea…

The BBC has introduced an interesting site called Dimensions that juxtaposes major historical events with a map. If you want to be truly amazed, put the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch over your neighborhood. Live in Boston? It extends from somewhere in Nebraska way out into the Atlantic, and from Canada down to South Carolina.

Though the site may not be perfectly accurate, it does put global events on a local scale, which is oftentimes easier to understand. Ever wonder what the Three Gorges Dam that spans China’s Yangtze river would look like in your neighborhood? Or the area affected by the recent floods in Pakistan? Put in your neighborhood here.

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