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Organic Golf Courses

August 17, 2010

Vineyard Golf Club (photo by Julia Cumes via the NYTimes)

An organic golf course? One of the more ironic things in the world or the future of the luxurious-but-still-environmentally-conscious life? The Vineyard Golf Club presents an interesting case study. Via the NYTimes:

With golf courses increasingly being criticized for environmentally unfriendly practices, the Vineyard Golf Club has become a petri dish for alternative maintenance techniques. Carlson has learned to kill weeds with boiling water and a natural foam cocktail and to remove moss with kitchen dish detergent, and he has transported microscopic worms from Iowa to attack turf-ruining grubs. He has disrupted the mating cycle of damaging oriental beetles with a strategically placed scent and has grown grass that he believes is more resistant to disease because it developed without chemicals.

Can we protect our resources and have our golf courses, too? I’m still not totally convinced.

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