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Dan Barber on a new sustainable model of fish farming

June 8, 2010

I remember reading an article somewhere (source forgotten) in which the author debates the merits of a liberal education versus a round of TED talks. I’m inclined to agree. What can’t you learn from TED? Brilliant, inspired, and totally engaging speeches from some of the world’s most forward-thinking minds.

I just watched one by Dan Barber, a chef at New York’s Blue Hill restaurant. He explains why he fell in love with a fish. But more so, he talks about a new concept for fish farming. As he says, it is “a farm that doesn’t feed its fish . . . that measures its success by the success of its predators . . . a farm that also acts as a water purification plant.” And one that according to his palate, yields the best tasting fish he’s ever eaten.

To begin, he describes the more typical version of a fish farm and how fish are fed “sustainable proteins.” What exactly ARE sustainable proteins? Well, according to one company, chicken parts. And now you know why everything seems to taste like chicken.

So, interested in the more sustainable version? Watch this video, it’s long but worth every minute.

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