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Lonny e-magazine

June 2, 2010

Do your magazines ever stack up like this? Mine do, either ones that I want to read but haven’t yet, or those that contain beautiful images that I just can’t bare to recycle.

Fortunately for my apartment, I recently discovered Lonny, an e-magazine focused on decorating. I love interior design and was hooked from the first click, but was even more delighted when I discovered the issue was focused on a more environmentally-sustainable future. Lonny highlights everything from furniture company Environment to putting together a homemade chandelier to ideas and products for living a happier, healthier life.

Who knows if online magazines will eventually take over for print, but I do like certain features of this one. It is easy to check out things like Lonny’s “eco-resources” list (page 39) or to find out more about products and books — just click the link and off you go. And hey, no carbon footprint from printing or transportation!

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, kick off your shoes and dive into Lonny then let me know what you think of e-mags. Enjoy.

image via My Scandinavian Retreat

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