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Compost services offered to NH restaurants

June 1, 2010

One way to ensure that oil spills like the one currently spewing into the Gulf of Mexico don’t happen in the future is to use less oil. Less demand = less drill, baby, drill.

We use oil for a great many things, but one use I want to highlight today is the transportation of our waste from home to landfill. When we put our trash bags curbside or fill up dumpsters, garbage trucks come to pick it up and take it to a landfill somewhere out of sight, out of mind. This is also true for restaurants, many of which are located in urban centers. Restaurant owners are forced to pay steep fees to dispose of their waste.

Rian Bedard thought about this and came up with an innovation company called Eco-Movement. The company works with restaurants to dispose of compostable, organic matter by picking it up curbside and taking it to local facilities where it is processed then re-sold to landscapers and farmers. Check out the story on NPR.

I love it. What do you think? Should restaurants and individuals be required to separate their trash and their organic matter?


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