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Seedbomb vending

May 10, 2010

Do you have a morning routine? I try to stick to one, usually involving turning off the alarm and enjoying those 5 minutes before I know I really need to get up, a cup of tea and my bowl of cheerios mixed with granola. Yes, I’m a two cereal kind of gal. I guess that’s what makes each routine unique, the quirks.

Have you ever wondered what other people do? Especially some of the world’s greatest minds? Well, here’s a list of the daily rituals of some of those famous thinkers. There are some great ideas if you want to craft a new routine, and some interesting habits that I’ll bet you didn’t know… were you aware that Alexander Dumas ate an apple under the Arc de Triomphe every day?

People do all kinds of things to find creativity.

Well, speaking of inspiration and creativity, I want to share something that peaked my interest today. Have you heard of seedbombs? They are essentially compost, clay and seeds bundled together into a little ball which anyone can throw anywhere in the urban environment. With a little rain and time, they will sprout and eventually add greenery and life to otherwise desolate places. It’s a cool concept. Rebel with a cause.

Greenaid, by CommonStudio, has taken seedbombing to the next level and created what they call “seedbomb vending.” You can purchase the little vending machines directly from CommonStudio, and they will fill them with seedbombs made specifically for your environment. Place the machine in a public area and people will buy seedballs and disperse them as they wish.

via CommonStudio

I think it’s a great way to get people to really think about the urban environment and be involved in the health and beauty of their own communities. Hopefully it will help power a movement in urban gardening and help us look at vacant lots not as wasted space but as an opportunity. Check out more about project Greenaid here.

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