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Using our oceans for energy

April 28, 2010

photo via US coast guard

With the news of the recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (spilling an astounding amount of oil into the water every day) and the potential for Cape Wind to finally gain the traction it needs to become a reality this week, I have to ask . . . what is the best way to use our oceans? Or should we just leave them alone?

There is no shortage of opinions on whether Cape Wind should happen, but here’s an interesting editorial in today’s Boston Globe. Some critics who are scared that the natural beauty of Nantucket sound will be disrupted may want to consider that we have to meet rising energy demand and that if we don’t use wind power (or other alternative energy forms), an increase in offshore drilling may be the result. And when you have massive spills like the one that recently occurred, won’t that be more harmful and disruptive to our oceans than almost anything else??

Yes, depressing. So, in other news, I want to share a humorous blog with you for a mid-week laugh. It’s called Animal Review, and it literally reviews different species giving them a grade. What grade would you give a panda? A jellyfish? Check it out here.

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