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Could the Hollywood sign be saved by a hotel?

April 20, 2010

The iconic Hollywood Sign that peers out over the thick metropolis of Los Angeles is endangered. A group of Chicago investors who now own the land want to build four luxury mansions on a plot of 138 acres just above the “H” called Cahuenga Peak. I mean . . . really? L.A. may be lacking several things — water, for example — but I’m pretty sure they have their fair share of mansions.

The land was sold to the investors by the Howard Hughes estate. Hughes had originally planned to build a mansion for Ginger Rogers though their relationship fizzled before development plans got underway. Fox River Financial Resources (the group selling the land) put the land on the market two years ago for $22 million but has since agreed to sell it to The Trust for Public Land if they can raise $12.5 million. The organization was given until April 14th, but recently received an extension until the end of this month. They are currently shy $1.5 million.

The Trust for Public Land wants to incorporate Cahuenga Peak with Griffith Park to be open for public enjoyment and recreation.

Danish architect Christian Bay-Jorgensen has another (totally LA appropriate) idea: turn the sign into a hotel. The idea is to double the size of the letters and build them out on the back side so guests could literally stay IN the Hollywood sign. Ginger Rogers, would you have ever imagined . . . ? Check out some of the renderings:

Now if that doesn’t fit the bill for glitz and glamour I don’t know what will. But don’t make your travel arrangements too soon, the idea is probably just going to stay an idea, at least for now.

photo via flickr user davy d; renderings via slashfilm

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