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Jake Stangel’s Florida WWOOF photographs

April 15, 2010

I live smack dab in the middle of the city. I can hear the hum of the highway, am hard-pressed to find a patch of soil anywhere around me and the nearest restaurant is literally visible from my living room windows. Sometimes I love it — the energy, the accessibility, the opportunities… but the truth is, sometimes I just crave an escape. When my mind wanders off with the possibilities, I sometimes think about packing my bags and heading off (probably to New Zealand) to do some WOOFing.

WWOOF (USA) stands for “World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” and is a system to promote an exchange between an organic farmer and a volunteer. The farms are located around the world, and the volunteers are given food and accommodation in exchange for helping out with responsibilities around the farm. I think it’s an amazing way to give people the chance to connect with the land and where our food comes from.

Jake Stangel did one of these WWOOF exchanges on a farm in Florida and GOOD recently published his works for a Picture Show. I was drawn to his photographs this morning because it’s just such a contradiction to urban life. The photographs tell a story of morning light, of quiet, and of the hard work that is organic farming. So here are some images for your Thursday – I hope you have a beautiful day and check out Jake’s full portfolio on his website! (PS I also love his series entitled ‘visual diary’ from his biking trip cross country).

all photos via Jake Stangel

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