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A round-up for your friday

April 9, 2010

I’m currently home with a cold and have been meandering the great internet for interest and inspiration between my sneezes and nose-blowing. Now there’s a nice image for you, yes? Anyway, check out a few of my finds:

·Living for a month without Monsanto and its GMOs

·Salivate over Renée Comet’s food photography

·A must read

If only I were this organized . . .

·Loving Jamie Oliver’s show and his goal to get healthier food in schools (watch past episodes on hulu!)

·The W San Francisco is the 7th US hotel to gain LEED certification for an existing building

·Delicious chocolate-chip cookies from a sustainable bakery? Perfection.

·Know anyone with available roof space in Manhattan? Host a beehive! (Hotels are picking up this trend, too.)

·Jury’s still out on Whole Foods but doesn’t this step seem like greenwashing?

·I’d love to wander through these beautiful gardens and pick some fresh vegetables today.

And finally, yet another problem caused by deforestation . . . (blame the cold medicine for this one)

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