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Happy World Water Day!

March 22, 2010

Happy Monday! Well, in addition to all the news surrounding healthcare, today is notable because it is the 18th annual World Water Day!

photo via Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia/flickr

The U.N. has dedicated today, March 22nd, 2010 to the theme of water quality which is becoming increasingly important  for global sanitation, clean drinking water and our ability to sustain life.

Maybe you’ve heard this fact, maybe not, but take a moment in honor of World Water Day to consider what it means: an astounding 1 BILLION people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water.

Here in Boston there is actually some really encouraging news — in 2009, water use in greater Boston had dropped 43% from the 1980 peak. Check out how here.

Also, an interesting note — National Geographic has put together what is sure to be an interesting and informative issue all about water due on stands March 30th.

So as you go about brushing your teeth, washing dishes, doing laundry, cooking and drinking that lovely H20 today, think about how much you depend on water and do one thing (big or small) to help conserve it.

I, personally, plan to forgo the urge to rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher . . . what will you do??

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