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Colorful Fridays: Spotlight on nature photographer, Janine Joles

March 5, 2010

Boston has been a pretty grey place to be this winter. We haven’t received much snow, and lately the days have been filled with a lovely rain-sleet-hail-slush mixture. Pretty darn dreary. So, I’m really excited to share the work of a nature photographer from Cape Town with you today because her images are anything but dull.

I came across Janine Joles‘s work via my blogging class (which, sadly is coming to an end) and wanted to talk about not one color today, but just the range of exquisite colors in her photography. I hope you get as much joy and inspiration out of these images as I have, and be sure to check out her beautiful blog, Jardino.

The photographs above are all from her spring series, aren’t they beautiful? Janine lives on Table Mountain in Cape Town and draws these images from her surroundings. Here are two that I love from her winter series:

I think the way she uses light is just incredible. I love the mood of the left image in particular, feels like an early morning or a late afternoon to me when everything is quiet and still.

The following images from the summer portfolio are some of my favorite. Here are a few, but she has many more on her website:

Thanks, Janine, for sharing such inspiring photography.

I hope you all have great weekends, I am off to celebrate my birthday tomorrow (yay!) . . .  plus it is forecasted to be 50 degrees and sunny, so spring is on its way! Couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift.

Be back Monday, older, and (hopefully) wiser.

all images via Janine Joles

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