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Eco-friendly furniture design by Michael Iannone

February 23, 2010

Michael Iannone is one of the people that inspired me to start this blog. When I first came across his furniture, I loved the designs . . .  they are modern, unlike anything I’d really seen before, and looked well crafted. When I went to Iannone Design’s website, I discovered that most of the designs are eco-friendly with a commitment to locally sourced FSC certified wood and low-VOC topcoats. So, thank you Michael, for promoting the idea that design can be both stylish and sustainable.

Here are a few designs that I particularly like:

made with FSC certified plywood, kirei (made of stalks of the sorghum plant) doors and white gloss laminate


Cork Mosaic Sideboard, made of formaldehyde-free walnut plywood (FSC certified) & locally sourced lumber with a low-VOC topcoat

In addition to these pieces, Iannone will do custom work such as the coffee table below, which was fabricated for a client living in a Philadelphia row house. The wood is salvaged fir framing lumber from the house itself . . . pretty cool don’t you think?

Mod Coffee Table

Check out more of Iannone Design on their website – they have such a variety of interesting products it would be hard for me to choose just one.

photos via Ionnone Design

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