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Carrotmob: consumer activism that works!

January 28, 2010

Many companies will tell you that it’s not advantageous to go green. It costs them money, doesn’t do much for their public image and takes a huge amount of time and effort. It’s easy to be negative. Well, now all that is changing.

Instead of boycotting companies that are ‘bad’ in terms of their environmental policies, a consumer activism network called Carrotmob has found a way to SUPPORT companies that do good. Call it . . . a reverse boycott.

Maybe you’ve heard of flash mobs? A group will break out in synchronized dance in the middle of a public area? Well, Carrotmob follows a similar approach by gathering together and spending consumer dollars to encourage businesses to go green. It’s easy: reward environmental responsibility.

In their first ever event, organizer Brent Schulkin went to a number of liquor stores in a San Francisco neighborhood asking what percent of consumer dollars each store would be willing to invest in energy efficiency updates. The store that put in the highest bid became the target of the mob and the social networking began. People from all over came together one day and bought products, either that they needed or that they could donate to the food bank, and together raised over $9,000 compared to the store’s usually intake of about $2,000 in a day. Check out this video to see more about the event . . . and yes, apparently carrotmobbers like to get down and dance (ha!) . . .

The idea behind these mob events is so simple: we, the consumers, have a HUGE amount of power. We can change the world. Every time we buy something, we are voting. So let’s vote green. Let’s push companies and corporations to invest in the environment and to become more sustainable. It’s up to us!

And hey — now shopping can be good for the planet, too.

Interested in participating or organizing a carrotmob event? They are happening all over the country and all over the WORLD so check out


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