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Summit on the Summit Draws Attention to the Global Clean Water Crisis

January 7, 2010

Mount Kilimanjaro; photo via flickr user docnic

As I watched the People’s Choice Awards last night, I was surprised and delighted to hear Queen Latifah speak about the global clean water crisis. Celebrities have a huge amount of power to enact change, and can lead the way towards a clean and healthy environment.

One of the ways celebrities like Jessica Biel, Kenna and Alexandra Cousteau among others have decided to draw media attention to the cause is to climb Kilimanjaro for a project called Summit on the Summit. Kenna explains that one reason for climbing Africa’s highest peak is that it is extreme, just as the global water crisis is extreme. In fact, roughly one billion people (and growing) do not have access to clean drinking water.

Summit on the Summit hopes to raise money for the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program, a program funded by P&G with partner organizations to bring cleaner water to developing countries. P&G has developed ‘Pur packets’, which can remove bacteria, sediment and viruses from contaminated water.

But it isn’t just developing countries we need to focus on. Here in the U.S. where most of us turn on the tap to a constant stream of clean drinkable water, we have a responsibility to reduce our consumption. Summit on the Summit has a list on their website of some of the easiest things we can all do to conserve water; if each of us implements just one change, we will be that much closer towards managing the earth’s supply of clean drinking water.

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