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Sea Shepherd Boat and Japanese Whaling Boat Collide Leading to Rising Tensions over Whale Wars

January 6, 2010

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society‘s tactics have long been questioned, but the recent collision with a Japanese vessel (caught on camera) brings up even more of a dispute. Here’s the video provided by Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research:

As the two parties continue to confront each other in the Antarctic waters, it’s hard to say who may be right and who may be wrong. The Sea Shepherd Society, lead by Paul Watson, claims the Japanese vessel “deliberately rammed” their boat, the Andy Gil. Japan claims to be on their whale hunt in the name of research, but skeptics believe it is a cover for the illegal kill and sale of whale meat.

What do you think about these whale wars? Is the Sea Shepherd method too extremist? Maybe. But if nobody else (government) is out there monitoring the seas and ‘whale hunts’ are we paving the way for illegal hunting? How can we protect whales without resorting to violence??

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