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Gadget Meet Wood; Wood, Meet Gadget

December 1, 2009

photo via Anthropologie

As I wondered through Anthropologie recently, I came across something totally unexpected: an Enchanted Woods IPhone Dock. You can literally plug your gadget into a piece of wood. My first reaction was to think ‘oh hey, this is kind of cool, but weird, I wonder how much it is.’ I flipped it over to see a price of $98. $98! To blend “modern with rustic” as Anthropologie describes costs you a small fortune.

It seems that this trend of mixing technology with the natural world (wood) has become popular. Anthropologie also carries a Beech Wood Flashlight (finished with new growth beech), a Barky Turntable (a slice of Ashwood is used as the base) and Wooden Earbuds.

Gadget-maker AlestRukov has produced a ‘sustainable’ wooden mouse, which, though looking pretty cool brings up some important questions.

Adel model, photo via AlestRukov

The wood is still basically a container housing the internal circuit board, complete with all electronic parts. I had always thought the electronic components were the most harmful to the environment so wouldn’t covering them in wood just make it that much harder to dispose of the ‘sustainable’ product? Maybe I am missing something.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts – do you like the look of these gadgets? What do you think of their environmental impact?

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