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Mona Miri: Developing Sustainable Environmental Photography

November 6, 2009

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite artists: Mona Miri. Mona uses her photographs and the power of the image to advocate for environmental sustainability. Her work is beautifully composed and executed, and examines the rise of industry and development in our environment.












In the series shot in San Francisco, ‘Modified Landscapes‘, the photos give us a sense of the stark, desolate built landscape. The images tell a story of control over nature rather than sustainable development.


In another series, ‘Urban Industrial‘, many of the images seem to hint at the speed, energy and power of industrialization. But some also examine the opposite: the struggle and survival of nature against industry – a single tree growing in the midst of factory buildings and concrete parking lots.


When we are confronted with these images, it gets us thinking about change. What alternatives can we develop to combat environmental degradation? Can we integrate efficiency measures, conservation and sustainable solutions in our quest to expand the urban environment? The work of Mona Miri allows us to ponder these questions and to spread awareness about global changes in our ecosystems.


Mona Miri, originally Persian, lived in Germany for five years and grew up in Boston where she currently lives and works. As she documents areas of environmental change, she also works to develop a sustainable photography process. Using sustainable paper and making everything carefully by hand, she works without a car and offsets her carbon emissions through wind power.

Thanks, Mona for your beautiful work and your commitment to the environment!

See more of Mona Miri’s work on her website and follow her blog at

M_Miri_Granite-View_images courtesy of Mona Miri

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  1. Ian permalink
    November 6, 2009 8:58 pm

    It’s amazing that she can create such beauty from something so ugly.

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