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Tomorrow: International Day of Climate Action

October 23, 2009 logo

Tomorrow is all about the number 350. Scientists have said that 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe level at which humans can sustain their existence on the planet. We are currently at about 390 ppm – which the organization says is the culprit behind global warming.

Whether or not the science and the numbers are perfectly accurate, it is a crucial day in that it will be sending a global message from the people to the politicians. As we approach the next climate treaty discussion in December, activism is all the more important.

The number of people who believe that climate change is a real threat that needs to be dealt with now has declined in the past few years as the economy, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and health care have taken the spotlight in the media. So has chosen October 24th as a symbol, a declaration that climate change still needs to be addressed and to get the world’s attention.

Some of the planned events include: school children planting 350 trees in Bangladesh, people gathering in creative ways for big group photos which will be posted on, and citizens/divers in the Maldives forming 3, 5, 0, with their bodies as part of a 24-hour dive.

So, what will you do tomorrow? Wherever you are, you can participate. Check out’s map of planned events or start your own!

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  1. judistringbean permalink
    October 24, 2009 12:53 am

    aaah, our whole are has 350 signs all over. Especially the churches. They word could be spreading!

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