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Underwater Meeting Held to Point to Global Climate Change

October 21, 2009
Image credit via NY Times

Image credit via NY Times

Government officials in the Maldives put on their scuba gear and dove 20 feet down into the Indian Ocean for a meeting about the threats of global warming. The Maldives is the lowest nation on the planet, and as such, would be the first to be affected by rising ocean levels.

The President and ministers signed a document pushing for emissions of carbon dioxide to be reduced globally, proceeding the upcoming U.N. climate change conference in December. As global leaders get ready to meet in Copenhagen to discuss the next step after the Kyoto Protocol, we need more creative pushes to get people thinking about climate change, such as this.

President Nasheed promised to make the Maldives carbon-neutral within a decade, but to re-locate his people if the islands do become completely submerged.

I have to applaud Nasheed’s imaginative and innovative way to get his tiny nation in the media spotlight, and to make a real statement about the effects of climate change. Not to mention – how much more fun do you think that meeting must have been than their usual!


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