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Mason Jars Double as Glasses

September 14, 2009

As summer slips into fall, canning is a great way to preserve all that fresh summer produce. So maybe you’ve been using Mason Jars to store jams, relishes, and pestos but now you have a few leftover. Why not repurpose them as drinking containers?

Drinking jars will save you money and help to reduce the amount of waste generated, therefore taking one more step to be green in these tough economic times. Regular glassware can be expensive, and if one breaks, hard to replace. But with jars, you can keep various sizes for different beverages, or even mix-and-match different types of drinking containers. And they are made of thicker glass so more likely to survive regular use. 

drinking jar with handle

photo courtesy of flickr

Jars have even evolved to be used specifically for drinking as some are designed with glass handles. 

So in an effort to reuse more and dispose less, try sipping your next iced tea from a jar and see if it isn’t a little bit more fun.


(photo on right via flickr)

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