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Current Obsession: Nama Rococo Wallpaper

August 31, 2009

Nama Rococo’s wallpapers and designs should probably more aptly be described as works of art. It is described perfectly on their website, as it states “To us, wallpaper is simultaneously a painting, parade and symphony”.

Everything produced at Nama Rococo is hand-painted and hand-screened. They look amazing as single panels or as entire wall coverings, and are a completely unexpected mix of color and pattern that seems to seamlessly blend old-parisian ornate with contemporary cool. frenchdot_singlesheet_big

My absolutely favorite is the ‘french dot’ design. I first spotted this design as a grouping of framed pieces hung in the stairwell of a vibrant home, but would love to see an entire wall covered. The french dot wallpaper is whimsical, with lines like a Joan Miro painting but also playful and organic.

My other favorite design is Cheateau 66. There, it seems like a pairing of delicate french detail with the strong and bold. It reminds me somewhat of Felix Spicer’s hand painted wallpaper designed from 19th century french and italian hair pin designs, only with a strong contemporary feel. 


Felix Spicer wallpaper


Nama Rococo Chateau 66


Though I live in an apartment and cannot paint or wallpaper, I can still daydream about which design I would choose for which room. Until then, I will be saving up for a couple single sheets of Nama Rococo wallpaper that I can put up on the wall as art. 


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