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Julie & Julia : The Kitchen

August 27, 2009

So I finally went to see Julie & Julia. I had thought that my utter lack of talent in the kitchen might prevent me from fully enjoying the film, but I was completely wrong. I loved the film and thought Meryl Streep was absolutely brilliant (but, isn’t she always?). And though, I have to admit, I probably will not try boning a duck or boiling lobsters any time soon, I was completely taken with the look and feel of the kitchens in the movie. The set designer did a fabulous job recreating Child’s kitchen in Cambridge, Mass and though I haven’t gone to see the real thing at the Smithsonian, I feel like I have a better grasp on what it may have been like to cook in Julia Child’s kitchen.hanging pots and pans

 Child’s kitchen (as well as Julie Powell’s) looked homey. It seemed like you could almost invite yourself in, sit down at the kitchen table and take in the smells of whatever delicious creation was cooking. I myself, like a very clean minimalist kitchen so this is a hard thing for me to admit, but I loved the kitchen and I actually felt like Child’s kitchen had order in its own way. Everything seemed to be in reach, and to have a home. The pots and pans hung where they were easy to get and visually uncluttered. The appliances which were constantly in use, were out on the table but not in an overwhelming way. It just seemed… inviting. Comfortable. Full of laughter.

So, in the spirit of Julia Child I say we all dig out those appliances tucked in the back corner of the cabinet. Maybe, if the kitchen feels as cozy and inviting as in the film, I’d be more apt to try cooking. Maybe…

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